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About Indy Power Systems

Indy Power Systems is a leader in the Microgrid market primarily because it offers advanced technology in a complete Microgrid system. Indy Power Systems designs and manufactures all three of the key components to a Microgrid: 1) management software and controls, 2) power electronics, and 3) battery storage systems. With that, any of the three components can operate independently and can be installed separately, or in any combination. Any number of third party sources or loads can be managed. This includes solar, wind, generators, and battery packs. Indy Power Systems is not only battery agnostic, it is source and load agnostic.

Founder Steve Tolen installs custom BMS on a secondary-use battery pack

Indy Power Systems has earned 5 energy management patents and has several others pending. Our patents and technology cover management controls, power electronics hardware, and battery management. In emerging markets where multiple functions are required, vertical integration is often required to ensure that all of the components and functions work well together. For example, in the early days of the automobile, Ford revolutionized the industry with vertical integration. Of course, in mature markets, horizontal structures work better, so today Ford is about as Horizontal as a company can get. However, Apple and Samsung are today examples of the success of vertical integration in an emerging market. Apple would likely not have been successful if the iPhone was designed to integrate a Bell telephone, Kodak camera, and an IBM PC.

Our battery expertise and our system’s ability to blend energy from different battery chemistries enabled Indy Power Systems to become the industry leader in the integration of secondary-use batteries for commercial energy storage. Indy Power Systems has reviewed and characterized thousands of secondary-use batteries and battery modules. We have designed custom Battery management Systems (BMS) for packs and arrays, and integrated them into commercial storage systems.

Because of our research in the design of DC-DC converters and our need to characterize and cycle batteries, Indy Power Systems has developed one of the most advanced Battery Cycling system. The next logical development step was vehicle charging systems. With this, Indy Power Systems has a complete energy life-cycle product line. Indy Power Systems is positioned in each energy management and storage market from Vehicle to grid, to secondary-use, to Microgrid, to Grid and back.