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Energy Router™, Multi-Flex™, RAIB™, and Halo™.

Energy Router™

Energy Management and Optimization

The Energy Router™ is software and firmware that directs, manages, and optimizes the flow of energy from any number of different sources and loads. Sources can be Solar, wind, generators, batteries, the utility grid, or any other source. Loads can be lighting, HVAC, equipment, batteries, Microgrids, or the utility grid. The Energy Router™ can interface with and manage any third party hardware and software as long as an interface is allowed. Of course, it also works great with Indy Power Systems’ Multi-Flex™ power electronics and RAIB™ energy storage.

Besides being capable of Building Energy Management, The Energy Router™ can work with power electronics and energy storage systems such as the Multi-Flex and Redundant Array of Inexpensive Batteries (RAIB).

The Energy Router features the ability to perform multiple energy cost saving and power smoothing functions so that a single system can provide more than one value-added or cost saving actions. For example, for the commercial end-user of electricity, the Energy Router can reduce demand charges, smooth blinks in power, and allow participation in Utility Demand Reduction Programs.  For the Utility industry, the system can assist with voltage and frequency regulation, energy storage, and phase balancing.


(End-user and/or Grid)

    • Building Energy Management
    • Peak Shaving/Demand Charge Reduction
    • Manage Battery Packs & Energy Storage
    • Manage Third-party Hardware
    • Power Quality
      • UPS
      • Voltage and frequency regulation
      • Phase balancing
Modular and Scalable
  • Manage Any Number of Sources & Loads
  • Proprietary Software and Firmware
    • Intelligent allocation of energy
    • Browser-based user interface
Multiple Value Streams
  • One System Provides Multiple Functions