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Energy Router™, Multi-Flex™, RAIB™, and Halo™.

Multi-Flex™ Power Electronics

For the precise transfer, conversion, and allocation of power

The Multi-Flex™ power electronics package is a system comprised of modular, bi-directional DC-DC converters and inverters that can convert DC into AC and AC into DC. The Multi-Flex™ was designed as a Microgrid system energy converter capable managing multiple Solar inputs, multiple battery packs (or arrays), and can act either as a Microgrid island or be Grid interactive.

Multiple Multi-Flex™ units can be placed in parallel for more power. For example, 5 50kW units can be integrated to provide 250kW of power. The modules can also be arranged to provide one, two, or all three phases of AC. A valuable and unique feature of the Multi-Flex™ is its ability to independently manage power on each of the AC phases.

The Precise Transfer and Allocation of Energy

  • Scalable from 1kW to >1MW
  • Modular

Add DC-DC modules for additional inputs

String together Inverters for more power

  • Multiple Solar Inputs
  • Multiple Battery Inputs

Independent charge control allows different chemistries

  • Bi-directional Inverter
    • 4 quadrant control
    • Completely Individual independent phase control